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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Me and Aid

Aidan and I were buddies today. He came with me to my shoot, then we ran errands around town, I brought him to school (he's goes to speech therapy two days a week), we had lunch, we walked down to pick Owen up from the bus stop, then we all played outside. He was really good for me today and even let me snap a couple of pictures of him at the studio. These were the first photos I've taken of either of my boys at the new studio! It was essentially a 2 minute shoot before we left. I am planning a shoot for my boys in a few weeks before I leave for Mexico. I am scouring the internet trying to find the perfect outfits for them. I think I've got it, but part of it has to be custom made so I think it's going to take awhile longer. I've been wanting to blow up some canvases so hopefully this shoot will be "canvas-worthy!"

The first few are my shots... then the new thing is if I get to take a picture of him, he gets to take a picture of me. I guess it's only fair!

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