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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fall Photo Shoot Event

The photo shoot which took place Sunday, September 24th was a huge success! After days of nothing but rain, the skies parted and we ended up with the perfect fall day. The setting was great with a hint of fall colors and the beautiful Mississippi River. I was booked from 9:30 am to 5 pm that day but I had so much fun that the time just flew by. Thanks everyone for participating!

Other news: I officially accepted a position as an associate photographer (lead-in-training) for Bellagala. What's great is, they changed their copyright guidelines so I can now keep 15 images per event for my own personal portfolio! That's so awesome! So now I will be able to post some images from the beautiful weddings I get to shoot.

1. The Koehn Family

Mike, Myra, Jonathan, 4, and Nicholas, 2. Myra is my first cousin on my mom's side. She had mentioned that she wanted to get some family photos done earlier this summer so I invited her to my photo shoot.

2. The Petrie Family

Dale, Angie, and Sebastian, 5. I met Angie last year about this time when I first shot Sebastian. He's grown a bit taller, but he's still the same goofy kid!

3. Camie Boles and Family

Camie, her sister-in-law, her mother-in-law, Sophia, 2 1/2, and Ella, 2 1/2 (fraternal twins). What adorable little girls! The ladies looked great as well! They will be surprising Grandpa and Dad with these photos as a gift. I absolutely LOVE the lighting in these pics. They ended up with a great time slot.

4. The Miller Family

Jim, Sue, Jake, 5, and baby Charlie, 3 1/2 months. Sue has been great at spreading my name around, I have received several referrals from her as a result of the infamous birth announcement she sent out featuring my photography of Charlie when he was a newborn.

5.The Courtemanche Family

Eric, Laurie, Max, 6, Ellie, 4, Sam, 2, and Jackson, 1. What can I say about Laurie?! She has been my biggest supporter from very early on and is basically a walking, talking billboard for my photography business! Love ya Laurie! ;)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

6. Jaime and Anna Nystuen

Jaime and Anna, 16 months. I booked Jaime just a few days before the shoot. This was her first experience with natural photography. Anna did so great! What a doll!

7. The Lisenby-Munz Family

Carleigh, 11, Taylor, 9, and Isabella, 8 1/2 months. These were the smiliest kids ever- how easy for me!