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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have the best friends EVER! My photographer friend Megan sent me this awesome gift for the baby! What a sweet and fun surprise!

Friday, August 28, 2009


I have the pleasure of knowing so many wonderful and talented people and when a dear friend of mine offered to photograph me and my new bike, how was I to say no? Yes, this is my new ride! I have been loving it and by the way, if you're a client it is available for photoshoots!

Typically I have a hard time seeing pictures of myself but I am loving these! She did such an amazing job!

Me and my BFF Nichole! We don't see each other very often and I am so grateful to have these beautiful photos of us to cherish.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2010 New Prague Girls Volleyball

I had the honor of being asked to shoot the girls volleyball team again this year. The posters will be featured in local businesses. The girls choose the theme and location of the shoot and will also think of a slogan for the poster. We had lots of wind to deal with but the shoot was a lot of fun! My boys tagged along and got to ride in the combine afterward which was their excitement for the day!

Kyla - New Prague High School Senior

Kyla is a beautiful senior and a tremendous athlete. I think most parents think that smiling photos are best, but I really loved Kyla with a serious look. She really pulls it off, don't you think?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Athletic Trainer/Coach

Current favorite song?
All The Above By Maino

What is your favorite place on Earth?

Where would you love to spend Spring Break?

Movie you can watch over and over again?
Cinderella Story

What do you like on your pizza?
Lots of cheese

3 things you'd bring on a deserted island?
My cell phone, gum, and iPod.

Mac or PC?

Favorite store to max out your credit card (if you had one)?
American Eagle

What is your favorite article of clothing and why?
Tank Tops, like them especially when it's hotter out.

If your friends were to decide, what would you be voted as (most likely to succeed, best hair, etc.)?
Best Personality

Dream car?
2010 Pontiac G8

Biggest celebrity crush?
Chad Micheal Murray

Monday, August 24, 2009


Order here.

Happy 60!

My husband's grandparent's celebrated their 60th anniversary this past weekend! It's so wonderful to have such amazing role models in our lives.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kimberly and Stephen

I'm slowly getting around to blogging some of this summer's weddings that I missed. To say that I've been busy is an understatement! I hope everyone is having a great summer, there's not much left of it! I can't believe the State Fair is only a week away! I'm curious to see how things go once school starts. I will have both boys out of the house all day every other day and just Aidan the other days.

Kimberly and Stephen had a fabulous wedding and a fabulous day. Here's just a few of my favorites from their day. Kimberly was gorgeous and smiling all day long which makes for an easy day for me!

Fall availability: I am still trying to figure out a date(s) for my all day mini-sessions. I am tentatively planning on Saturday, October 24th. I have several fall weddings and I have to figure out what would work best to get the photos turned around quickly for Christmas cards. I am also searching for new card templates which I hope to be part of my package offered. Stay tuned for the announcement because I expect spots to fill up quickly, especially considering I already have 3 families wanting me to hold a spot.

Please keep in mind that fall weekends are pretty much non-existent through October for family portrait sessions, so if you plan on booking please plan ahead because I will only be accepting a limited number of weeknight sessions. In addition, weeknights are also filling up fast with senior portrait sessions so if you want to book family photos at some point get on it right away! I also have to keep my pregnancy in mind. The further I get along, I plan on cutting back so that is another factor to throw into the mix. By this fall, I will be about 6 months and I have no idea how I'll be feeling. Whew, that is a lot to even have to think about!

I want to thank you all for your continued support!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Nichole and I went out shooting one night during her stay. Here are a few random shots I got playing around. It was such a great visit and ended way too quickly!

Allison- Mankato West Senior

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed working with Allison and her mom. We had such a great time that by the end of the session I got a hug from her mom. Allison showed up with a great wardrobe and full of beauty and smiles. It was very hard to narrow down my favorites and I'm sure I'll keep finding more as I look through them!

Allison brought this dress and heels and I was so excited to take her here and shoot some fun ones!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Pharmaceutical Representative

Current favorite song?
Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

What is your favorite place on Earth?
Definitely the Lake!

What's the first thing you'd buy if you won the lottery?
Take my friends on a fun vacation somewhere warm!

Movie you can watch over and over again?
The notebook :)

Current obsession?
Taylor swift!

Mac or PC?

Favorite store to max out your credit card (if you had one)?
Nordstrom's or Abercrombie and Fitch

Which celebrity's style would you love to have as your own?
Leighton Meester from gossip girl! I love the big bows she always wears

What is your favorite article of clothing and why?
Any of my dresses! They're easy to throw on and fun

If your friends were to decide, what would you be voted as (most likely to succeed, best hair, etc.)?
Probably.. Best style

Dream car?
A BMW Roadster.. in red!

How was your experience with Olivia during your session?
Great! I had a blast :)