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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Aria and Marcus

I am so behind on blogging weddings but decided to just jump in and start somewhere!

Aria and Marcus were truly every photographer's dream! They are such a beautiful couple, inside and out. The weather was perfect, the lighting that day was perfect, everything was aligned so that I could shoot some wonderful images! I really had to narrow this post down to my absolute favorites otherwise there would probably be at least 50 more to tell their story.

Having never met before, I arrived to Aria's hotel room and was graced by her absolute gorgeousness. As her bridesmaids looked on while she dressed, the comments being shared were ooooh's and aaaaah's and even a "holy sh*t Aria!"

Love at first sight!
I love this image! She was beaming all day long!

Meet Brooklyn... the flower dog!

Hello handsome!

Aria, I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek! I had so much fun working with you.


trinity said...

WOW!!!!!! I think that's one of the BEST weddings you've ever shot! Love her dress! What a beautiful couple :)

Juli P said...

I'm with Trinity, these are the best wedding photos I've seen on your blog! Absolutely lovely....

Ann-Marie said...

I are just rocking the weddings Olivia..BRAVO.
Could that bride be any cuter???

tasha herrgott said...

Flower dog - Love it! She is just the darn cutest things ever - I love that image with her tongue sticking out!!!

Robin said...

LOVE the one in the alley way - wow! Awesome job Olivia! The bride & groom were so cute too!