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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My sweet baby.

Aidan loves his pajamas and he put this hat on so I had to take pictures. I finally got his dimple! I don't think I have any pictures of his dimple.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Out of the office 8/27

I will be out of the office on Wednesday 8/27. I won't have access to my computer so I'll be returning emails Thursday 8/28. Thanks!

Trinara and Griffin

Beautiful. That word describes so much of the day. The couple was gorgeous and the venues were elegant and classy. This is definitely the wedding that every photographer dreams of! Trinara actually booked me over email awhile back. How flattering when the bride likes your work so much that she doesn't need to meet you in person!

Trinara and Griffin both attend St. Olaf and it was my first time shooting there. They allowed a lot of time for photos so we had a lot of fun exploring the campus. Griffin's family has a Model T that they wanted to incorporate in the photos. His mom and dad have their wedding photos with the car also so it was an honor to help continue the tradition.

Gorgeous, right?!

This is the photo Griffin's mom and dad have:

Beautiful ladies!

Trinara had her reception pimped out. Everything looked so chic and had such nice pops of color. I especially loved the black and white damask touches everywhere.

The roses were incredible. Her dad made those little truffles on the tables. OMG- they were SOOOO good. They had Sebastian Joe's ice cream instead of a cake.
Another sneak-out session as the sun began to set. It was gorgeous lighting.

Congratulations T&G! Enjoy your super secret honeymoon! Griffin planned the entire honeymoon and didn't tell ANYBODY where they were going, not even Trinara. He gave her a packing list and she completely trusted him. I can't wait to find out where you went! Post a comment when you see these and let us all know! :)

Darcie and I


Monday, August 25, 2008

New Prague Girls Volleyball Team

I was asked to shoot the volleyball team poster this year. These team posters are hung up locally as part of a fund raising project and feature advertisements for local businesses. The girls had this awesome idea to do the shoot with Harley Davidson's that were borrowed from family members. It was quite the shoot, there were several family members standing around watching as well as numerous people driving by behind us. I love that each one of my bookings allows me to experience new and different things!

Jennifer and Brian

I'm blogging out of order today. I was going through Jen and Brian's photos from this past weekend and started working on a few and then I just got a little carried away and had to post them.

I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing experience I had with these two. I left the wedding in tears and had a wonderful drive home reflecting on everything. Life, love, and just how lucky we are to experience the things we do. You could say that this was a life changing event that's how well things went!

The location was perfect. Jen and Brian chose the Round Barn Farm in Red Wing, MN. The weather was seriously a gift from God. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Jen is just amazing... love ya Jen! :) Everything was just perfect! I honestly can't say anymore than that. I also had an amazing assistant make a special trip down to help me. Thanks Darcie!

Jen's fabulous red shoes:

Jen's bouquet featured a locket with a picture of her late grandmother:

The awesome round barn:

The reception took place upstairs in the barn:

I caught this cute mother/daughter moment through the window right before the ceremony:

Jen wanted some out of the ordinary wedding photos so I brought along my new chair and we headed down to the tracks. We snuck them out right after toasts to capture this incredible light! Future brides- if I want to sneak you out... trust me! It's SOOOO worth it!

We were literally racing against time as the light was going away for the night- this was a sweet shot. The property had some incredible locations.

One of my favorites of the night!
A big shout out to Jeff James- you are amazing! Brides- if you haven't booked music for your reception yet, he is it! He is a one man band and uses a looping technique to add layers of instruments to his live performance. His song list is around 400 and he doesn't even look at a sheet of music or lyrics. INCREDIBLE!
Thanks J&B for allowing me to capture your day. Call me when you have babies! :)