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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Carissa and Matt

Carissa and Matt were married on 7/25 in Cable, WI. This was such a fun up north wedding! I was really nervous driving up because it was POURING rain almost the entire way and we had all outdoor photos planned that afternoon. It started raining right when we got to our Hayward locations that Carissa had picked out so we headed to the church to do them indoors. Upon arrival to the church which was just a 20 minute drive further north, the clouds parted and it was beautiful and sunny the rest of the afternoon!

Carissa is so naturally beautiful and smiley:

Carissa had six bridesmaids and four "usherettes." Don't you just love all of the pink girly-ness?

This was Carissa's "something blue"... a water bottle cap which she tucked down the front of her dress. ;)
Look at her face beam as she sees Matt at the end of the aisle...
Carissa and Matt were encouraged by their priest to stand up and look around at all of their family and friends who chose to be there and support them.

Just married!

When the guests clinked their glasses, Carissa and Matt picked a couple at the reception who had to kiss before them. They were told that they would copy their kiss EXACTLY. Things got a little wacky!

I love this shot:

I had such a great time... thanks C&M for allowing me to be a part of your day!

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