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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rhythmic Circus

I did a promo shoot for Rhythmic Circus, a group of tap dancers and musicians. Kaleena was referred to me by fellow photographer Ginger Murray. The shoot was like nothing else I've ever done before and this group has got so much talent! From the moment they walked in, it was nothing but high energy and laughter. The group has an upcoming show at the Ritz Theater entitled "Feet Don't Fail Me Now." For tickets and more info, click here.


Laurie said...

How fun! Love the shot of the solo guy - very cool!

lise said...

I went and saw them they were AMAZING!!!!! Kaleena and I had the same dance teacher, but when Kaleena was there I was like 5. But it's cool to know she's doing what she loves.