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Monday, August 18, 2008


O... M... G... she's so stinkin' cute! Avery's mom, Dawn, is one of my most supportive clients and a big blog stalker. :) I have photographed her for awhile now and Avery never lets me down. You may remember her as one of my featured children on my website. OMG- that's all I have to say... I am so happy with what I was able to shoot. We did some warm-up shots upstairs with a backdrop and lighting but of course my favorites were in the alley. :) I know a shoot went well when I look back at the shots and think, "I wish I had these of MY kids!"

Hello... covergirl!

I love this. I love how Avery's hand is over Dawn's. I hope that Dawn treasures this, especially when Avery is older.
My FAVORITE of the day. Does she look like a young Alicia Silverstone in this shot or what?!?!?!


Laurie said...

okay - now i HAVE to fly all the kids back to Minneapolis for a photo shoot with you ... or fly you here!

Shelly said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! These are so super awesome. You did a great job Dawn and Avery are so beautiful! Standing, clapping, I am in awe.