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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So close...

My painter, Nick Slavik, (who is fabulous by the way) put some swatches up on my studio for me.
If you look past the hideous navy blue and mauve, you'll see a little swatch of brown and cream which will be the two main colors. Then we decided to do a fun bright color for the door. We just put the new door in and it's much more classy and welcoming than the old 80's back porch door that was originally on there. This whole place has been a work in progress since March and I can't wait to see the finished result! I will post before/after pictures when it's all done.

This will be my new oval wooden sign which will hang from the sign post outside my building.
Other exciting news... my BFF Nichole is flying in to see me today! We've been friends since 4th grade and she was one of my first creative inspirations. I have fond memories of staying after school with her and working on the potter's wheel while watching MTV. She moved away to Ohio in 9th grade but we managed to keep in touch over all these years. We wrote countless letters back and forth (which I pulled out and am excited to read with her tonight!) and over the past few years we've grown closer than ever. We don't get to see each other very often but each visit is treasured dearly.

Nichole is very much into photography so while she's here I am going to give her a hands on crash course. I'm so excited to teach her which also inspired me to start offering private photo lessons. Yay for best friends!


Ann-Marie said...

That sign is gorgeous
When will lessons start? :)

Eveyone needs a Nichole in their lives.

tasha herrgott said...

Love the colors and the new door!!!