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Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday and welcome to my new and improved blog! I have been working like a maniac on it and you will probably see a few more tweaks before it's done. The life of a perfectionist is a crazy and exhausting one.

It's been exhaustingly busy for me lately and I could just fall over from sleep deprivation right now. I'm meeting with my studio business partners this morning and we're getting our phone line installed. We have a lot to go over including our new building sign-age, business and advertising plans, and getting our credit card accounts set up. Yay! I will soon be accepting credit/debit cards! I've had a lot of instances where clients forget their checkbooks because the majority of America (including myself) uses their debit card for everything.

We're also refinancing our house since the rates are so low so it's been busy on the personal front too. I must give a shout out to my loan officer because he is the absolute best! We close on Thursday so he actually came out to my house tonight to sign some last minute papers so that nothing would get caught up in the mail before close. He is so on top of things it's ridiculous. He used to be a financial advisor so he is a financial genius. Here is his information if you're in the market for a loan officer. He will completely take care of you!

John Drysdale
Summit Mortgage Corporation

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