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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Power Purify

Has anyone ever tried these things? Supposedly, you put these pads on your feet and they absorb all of the toxins in your body while you sleep. Does this really work? It's always gross to see the commercials late at night but I'd be so curious to see what came off of MY feet overnight. Leave a comment below if you've tried them and tell us what happens!


La Vie Photography said...

never tried them but i'm dying to know how they remove cellulite!!!

Kurt said...

They can't possibly work- the "science" behind the idea is absolutely ridiculous. "Natural gravity" pulls your "toxins" to your feet? The gravity of the earth flows- well, towards the earth. I don't know many people that sleep standing up. It's an obvious scam.

Jim said...

I tried them being beforehand assured that they DID NOT WORK. But to my surprise within a week I felt better, had more energy, could think clearer. I changed no other part of my daily routine. So in conclusion either some mirical took place from heaven and infused me with better health, or the footpads actually worked. I continue to use them and feel better by the day. Go Figure.

Nadine said...

I tried a different brand, and they stunk in the morning and they were black. I didn't feel any better (have chronic pain and fatigue all the time), but am going to try THIS brand and use it longer and pay closer attention to any health changes!