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Friday, June 27, 2008

Myra, the boys, and the girl.

The Main Artery grand opening went really well! I met some wonderful new clients and also had some dear friends and family stop by to visit as well. I will post pictures as I go through them.

My first visitor of the day was my cousin Myra who has two boys about the same ages as mine and is now the proud mother of a new baby girl! She also had along the boys' cousin Noah, who is my other cousin Missy's son. It was great to see them all and do some fun pictures! I really love these ones...

I adore this first series of three... Jon, Nicholas, and Noah

Could not be more in love with Noah's eyelashes!
Silly faces...
Although this looks posed- it really wasn't!
Smiley Marisa!

She looks so teeny here:

This series was shot within a matter of seconds:

Thanks again for coming down Myra! Great to see you.

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M&MKOEHN&2BOYS said...

OH MY GOODNESS! SOOOOO CUTE! I can't believe how good the pictures turned out! I wasn't sure ifyou were able to get good pics today! These turned out great! Thanks Olivia! We had a great time with you!