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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Customize your Blogger blog!

I'd like to announce a new service I am offering to professional photographers, aspiring photographers, or anyone who desires a custom blog. As you know, blogs are here to stay and the importance of a professional looking blog is crucial, not to mention FUN! I am offering a new one-on-one service where I'll teach you how to customize your own blog. You will tell me your vision and I will help you to execute it!

Services include:
-custom wallpaper
-custom header
-custom logo
-custom URL icon
-clean layout
-custom sidebar items
-professional head shot
-large blog photos
-custom photo watermarks

Best of all... I come to YOU!

My services cover minor revamping to a major overhaul and everything in between. Not blogging yet? Why the heck not?! I can also get you started from scratch and you'll be on your way to increased web visibility as well as the most wonderful word of mouth tool that no professional photographer can do without. I can honestly say that blogging has boosted my business from the moment I started. In fact, some photographers are using blogs solely as their website. A bad looking blog can also break your business and not showcase your work to the best of its ability. Your blog is personal and is about showcasing YOU and your talents and should really reflect who you are as a person. After all, clients are hiring you.

Not a photographer but just have cute baby and family photos you want to show off? I can also get you started on a family blog and will even include a mini family shoot to get you started.

But when do I have time to blog? Come on... be honest with yourself, how many hours a day do you spend on other people's blogs? Why not have your own? But I wouldn't have anything interesting to write about! Sure you do! There's really no perfect time to start- you just need to jump in head first and do it!

Please inquire for pricing guidelines. *At this time, I am only offering services for Blogger blogs, which seem to be one of the most popular free blogs on the market.

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