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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some lovely lady friends.

When I was just starting out with photography, I got a job working for Bellagala as an assistant. I met some great people working there and Sally was one of them. She was a lead and I was completely in awe of her work. I vividly remember sitting at my computer one night looking through her website. I spent hours looking through each and every photo so amazed at her talent. I would see her at Bellagala social events and she was just so beautiful and chic and that combined with her talent made me completely intimidated by her!

One day I took it upon myself to send her an email practically begging to assist her at one of her weddings. She actually set up a meeting with me and we had a drink and she reviewed my portfolio. I was so honored when she agreed to let me assist her!

Of course this is years ago and on Friday I was just as honored to be there to celebrate her wedding! Even though I look terrible in this photo, I wanted to post it as a reminder of how far I have come and to honor these awesome photographer ladies that I am privileged to be friends with.

I, myself have met some great friends who have reached out and contacted me offering to work with me. The moral of the story is... reach out! Make a connection. You never know what will come of it! It might just be the start of an amazing new friendship.

Love you Sally and congratulations!

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tasha herrgott said...

Love you all!