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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sarah's House | HGTV

When I'm not watching Felicity while editing, I'm watching DVR'd episodes of Sarah's House on HGTV. I'm not even sure when the show is on, but I came across it one day and fell in love! Sarah is so great and Tommy is hilarious and their style is impeccable. I love how she uses a mix of old and new when she designs her rooms and almost always uses wood treatments on the walls like wainscoting or barn board ceilings. The show has two seasons based on two different houses she bought and renovated room by room. The first, a 60's back split and the second, an old farmhouse. Of course she has a huge budget when decorating but my favorite are the antique yard finds that she either reupholsters or turns into functional pieces, like bathroom vanities for instance.

Here's just a few of the rooms from the old farmhouse. That is my dream someday, to buy an old farmhouse and fix it up!

1 comment:

tasha herrgott said...

Yes... this could be the best show on HGTV... to bad I can't get it anymore! Her style is my dream style :)