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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Oliver | 6 1/2 months

I made this onesie a couple of years ago and can't believe I have a baby to fit into it! If you recall, we miscarried a year before Oliver was born and I got into this sewing kick and made some fun embellished onesies. This was one of them that I thought was cute. He does actually have his own blog! I've been blogging since Owen (8 years old) was 6 months old. I love that blogs can serve as a digital scrapbook for parents and other relatives and family members can keep up to date on the kids, especially if they don't see them very often. It's just in my nature to document and I love to be able to look back and read about how our life was at the time.

Hopefully you like seeing Oliver because I'm going to be posting a lot of photos of him over the next few months! (or from now on?) This is my absolute favorite baby age!

If you don't have a personal blog, start one today!


Ann-Marie said...

This is so cute..of course the baby legs complete it!

jenny said...

omg! i love these shots! he is too cute! oh and the baby legs - aaah, i need to get a pair! did you get them on etsy? i'm so with you on blogging - it's been a great 'baby book'! :)