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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back to school | Mini-sessions

Are you tired of grade school photos that look like this?
Let's face it, school photos aren't always the most flattering. You're not there to fix their hair or tell them not to do their cheesy smile. It's all in the hands of the Lifetouch photographer and you just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Yes they need to be done and it's fun to hold onto one for keepsake purposes but personally, this photo did NOT get passed around to the grandmas that particular year, nor did I order any 8x10's of this beauty. Well I am going to change all that!

This year I am offering new back to school mini's! I am booking an afternoon of sessions, here are the details:

When: Sunday, September 26th

Where: Barn location, Henderson, MN (lots of great outdoor background options!)

What: 15 minute session

Who: School-aged children ages 4 and up (individual children only, family shots won't be taken, excludes high school seniors)

Times available: 2:00- 5:00 pm (I will book in the order I receive emails beginning at 2 pm)

Cost: $50 for one child
You will receive 2 high-resolution files via email. Please add $25 for each individual child. 10 minutes will also be added to your time for each additional child. So for instance if you have 3 children, cost would be $100, I would allow 35 minutes, and you would receive 6 files.

Payment will be due the day of the session, cash or checks only.

As always, additional files can be ordered. I will also recommend a professional lab for your prints. Please, please, please, don't take them to Walgreen's or Target. It really does defeat the purpose of having professional photos done. This lab has all of the traditional sizes you would want, including mini-wallets to send out to all of the relatives.

I'm excited! Let's hope for some treasures like these:

Email me to book a session! Please title your email "Back to school." This is not only a great way to update yearly photos but also modeling head shots, etc.

Stay tuned for my next announcement of family/holiday mini-sessions to take place Saturday, October 16th!

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