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Monday, February 18, 2008


Jamie is a playwright and an actress and needed a good updated head shot. I haven't really done any official head shots (do senior pictures count?) so I was excited and up for the challenge. Jamie brought along her boyfriend Josh for moral support and to be in a shot or two. These two were so much fun and I loved how her pics turned out. We even braved the FREEZING cold and shot a few outside. Jamie totally rocked these by the way!

Oh- and I'm blogging out of order- we'll be going backwards today.

In case you're wondering about the orange cat- Jamie brought it along to incorporate into the pictures. It holds many special meanings and has a huge history.

1 comment:

Mary Law said...


I'm so glad I referred Jamie to you! Her pics turned out awesome and our office is very excited for her opportunities.

Her pics with her boyfriend are just so special and beautiful.

Great Job!