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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Wedding Review: Rant and Rave

Today's wedding went great. Despite it being winter, we had a beautiful day. The couple was gorgeous. The people were great- everything was going so well until we were all forced to deal with the DJ at the reception. His name is Steve from Midwest Sound and Light Shows. He had to have been the most awful DJ I have ever experienced. I feel so bad that the bride and groom had their wedding reception compromised in such a horrible way. To sum up his low points:

-He failed to play any music at all on at least 3 separate occasions
-He screamed very rudely into the microphone to get everyone's attention
-He ordered the wedding party around as if he was a drill sergeant
-He ordered groomsmen back to their table and then told all of the guests to stare at them rudely for not listening to him and publicly blamed them for holding everything up
-He made the bride feel very uncomfortable by forcing her to tell her groom that she was "the boss"
-He tried to turn all of the single guys in the room into the "dog pound" and made them bark
-He forced the groom to "assume the position" and made him get on his hands and knees and crawl across the dance floor over to his bride

Everybody was so uncomfortable, it was AWFUL. My ears still hurt from all of his screaming. I am completely blown away and have never seen anything like it!

I do have a RAVE from today. Brian, the event manager at the Minneapolis Marriott Southwest was FABULOUS! He was so on top of his game and had everything running so smoothly. He was so great to us photographers, he created our own private seating for us and personally brought us our meals. He also made sure we were in the loop on everything that was going on so we could make sure that we were ready to capture it. He was amazing! If any brides out there are looking for a hotel reception site, Brian at the Marriott Southwest will take good care of you.

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