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Monday, February 23, 2009

October Portraits

Hello blog friends!

I've been so busy with EVERYTHING but just wanted to give a quick update on fall booking. I know it's crazy to start thinking of fall portraits when it's still winter but due to a crazy amount of weddings I am taking on for October, I will be scheduling a limited amount of portraits in October 2009. I will be taking one family shoot per week, on a weekday during the 4 weeks in October. Since the weddings are on Friday and/or Saturday of each weekend, I am keeping Sundays sacred for my own personal sanity and to spend time with my family. This means there are NO Saturdays or Sundays available in October! If you were planning on a fall shoot, please keep this in mind as it's going to kill me to turn people away come September but I do have my limits and want to keep quality top priority. If I remember correctly, 5 pm appointments were blessed with some amazing light that time of year! As of now, I do have November 7th and 8th open if you wanted to schedule outdoors before it starts to get too cold. I am possibly thinking of doing an all day shoot up in the cities on Saturday, September 26th if I don't end up booking a wedding that weekend. There usually isn't fall colors that early though. :(

For now, here are a couple of pictures of Aidan with his birthday cake. He was a bit conflicted this year... he wanted Iron Man invitations but a Wall-E birthday cake. Thursday the 26th is his actual birthday and we're celebrating with some family hotel water park fun! The big family celebration is always fun but so hectic so I am looking forward to a bit of a mini-getaway!

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