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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Family time

I cherish my family time and during the busy season it seems few and far between. It was my niece's 4th birthday this weekend so we celebrated with a party at my in-laws. Lots of extended family came down and I'm glad I decided to bring my big camera because I got lots of great photos! Two more birthdays this month... my other niece and my Aidan!

There's nothing like good homemade comfort food- and everyone on my husband's side can COOK!
The birthday girl!
Owen and his great grandpa! Someone told me to get a photo of them together with their front teeth missing... what a great idea!
My boys are fortunate enough to know and be close to both of their great grandmas. They are so blessed because they're two of the nicest women I know and are so dear to me. They are both fabulous cooks so when I need a recipe they're my go-to girls!

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Nichole~ said...

I especially love the last picture, how precious!