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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My big announcement!

So, my facebook friends probably already know the news, but for those of you that don't I am getting a new studio! You're probably asking, "Um, didn't you just get a new studio?" My first space was too small so I moved onto bigger and better things. My current space I share and have always daydreamed about being able to once again have my own. A perfect opportunity presented itself and I had to act on it.

To make a long story short my lease was up in March. I can't believe it's already been almost a year but it has! I shared space with two other women, a store owner and a picture framer. We talked about who would be resigning and when the store owner decided she wasn't, the framer and I planned on taking over the space and splitting the rent. We all know that the economy isn't the best so the more we thought about taking on more responsibility, we didn't feel it was the right decision and didn't want to take the risk.

As luck would have it, in my quest to look for a new space, my husband discovered a listing in neighboring Lonsdale, MN, which is 10 miles southeast of New Prague. I ended up getting a killer deal on my own storefront so I HAD to snatch it up. Guess when the lease starts? March! It seriously was meant to be, you know how you just know those things somehow?

So to all of my wonderful clients and supporters- another chapter of my business has been opened! I am very excited to have my own storefront and awesome 1,200 square foot space. It used to be an antique store that sadly went out of business so it's really charming and has a ton of character inside. It also has two great windows so I can continue to shoot natural light and has plenty of room for a studio light set up as well as a couple of seating areas. I can't wait to paint and start decorating! It's also just 7 miles off of Interstate 35 South so it's more convenient for all of my clients who drive down from the cities.

Which leads me to my next dilemma... There will be a slight window where I will be between spaces as I transform my new space into my vision. I may not be scheduling much in March as I work hard to get everything ready. If you want to schedule a session in my current space before I move, please contact me asap! I will miss the exposed brick, cool upstairs, and beauty of the building but am also excited for something new. If you want to schedule in my new space, I am not yet sure when I will be ready to take appointments but I am hoping for the end of March. I hope to have a big grand opening so stay tuned for that!

Here is a preview of what's to come. It looks rough but I fully intend to pimp it out! Can you totally picture my colors and logo on the outside?
For those of you in New Prague... there will soon be a For Rent sign in our old space so I just wanted to let you know that I'm still around, just moving!


Jeannette said...

Congratulations! I, for one, am definitely glad you will be closer to the Cities. :-)

Ann-Marie said...

How about some awesome window flower boxes in the front!!!

Erika McCauley said...

Congrats Olivia!! What exciting news! :)