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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

V-day sessions

I just had to post a few preview pics from my sessions on Saturday. I am LOVING my 5D and 50mm 1.2 combo! It's seriously my new favorite thing.

Galleries will be up early next week! Unfortunately right now my top priority is preparing for my tax appointment on Sunday. Yuck!


Juli P said...

The little naked baby boy on the rug has grown up into a little man in the blue gingham shirt. Too cute!
Before Tesa jumps all over me, Lorenzo is also so very cute!
Can't wait to see more, but the tax man cometh! yuck!

Ann-Marie said...

These are ALL so great Olivia! Thank you!!! Can't wait to see all!

JM Photography said...

the images are so crisp! I can't wait to get my new gear!