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Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas

So... I got my mini Boden catalog in the mail today and I was drooling! I was fighting the urge to order about a dozen things for the boys and wishing I had a girl! There are some great spring and summer items in there, check it out!

My number one question I'm asked is, "What should I dress my child in?" Here are some great ideas! As you can see, accessories are a must! It's not just about finding a cute dress, it's the contrasting tights, fun rain boots, and a cute sweater to go with it. All of these additional layers and items add so much more to the photo and can always be removed later in the shoot. I love when things are coordinated, but not necessarily all items from the same store. For my boys, I usually find one "inspiration" piece that I am in love with, whether it be a hat, boots, etc. then pull color or texture from it and end up finding other matching items elsewhere.

I LOVE styling shoots, so if you don't have a clue, let me know what your budget is and I'd be happy to help coordinate an outfit for you! To me, fashion inspires photography and it all ties together with finding the perfect location and props for that amazing shoot.


Jeannette said...

Check out

Zarebski said...

Just beautiful selection of those kids summer outfits... Kids really love to wear colorful dresses...