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Saturday, April 07, 2007

No More Bunnies.

I'm officially done with bunnies for the year. Unfortunately, the shoot never happened today. I had more people drop out due to sick kids and with the weather being as cold as it was, I made the decision to call it. I'm pretty bummed, but I know it was for the best. I will be planning a Spring shoot and a location to be announced shortly. Hopefully, the temperature will go up by 30 degrees by then, wouldn't that be nice?

I updated my recipe blog today after doing some Easter cooking. I haven't posted any pics here recently, but I have a small wedding tomorrow so look for those pics soon.

I made a few more little studio purchases (no renovations yet). I ordered some folios for senior pictures. I'm not going to be advertising senior photos on my new website, but I figure if someone local wants them done I wouldn't mind. They're not my absolute favorite thing to do. Maybe it's because I haven't mastered them yet. I have yet to see a senior photo that isn't cheesy, unless it's done fashion/magazine style.

We're having a little Easter egg hunt tomorrow morning and my boys are psyched! They've been practicing with a plastic egg all week around the house.

I hope everyone has a great Easter- and take lots of pictures!

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