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Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Website!

Exciting news... I am getting a new website! Although, I love the look of my old one, I have come to outgrow it. It will be a flash site and it will have some amazing new features! My favorite one is a client proofing section. After I shoot a session or wedding with you, I can upload your photos into your own personal password protected slideshow and even set it to music if I want. You'll be able to view your photos right on my website as well as pass them along to friends and family. It will also have a calendaring option. You'll be able to look right on my calendar and see what dates I have available.

I'm hoping to launch the new site at the same time as my studio... hopefully by May.

FYI- check out the updated Bunny Sessions schedule. There are still open spots. Also, check out my two troopers who braved the wet weather and went through with their photos.

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Lesa Labatt said...

YEAH!!! That sounds awesome!