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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Wedding Fair

Today, I attended my first Wedding Fair held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. It was very interesting to see all of the different wedding vendors. It was literally like walking into the advertising section of a wedding magazine. I brought my wedding portfolio and it was the first time I've had so many people look at my work. I had three brides who wanted to book me! My book was displayed amongst several of the Lead Bellagala photographers and it was great seeing the candid responses to my book as they looked at it, not knowing whose photos were whose. The general manager of Bellagala was very impressed with the positive reception and wants me to put a book together for the studio.
Just one shot of the fashion show:

Bellagala has added some new services to their line-up including hair and make-up. We had a make-up artist at the booth providing free make-up trials to brides. In her down time, she decided to do my make-up and she did a fantastic job! I have never had professional make-up done, not even for my own wedding. She uses an airbrush to apply the foundation and blush and it looks and feels silky smooth and flawless! Her style is very elegant, yet understated.

Here's her plug:

Sarah Sponberg

I also want to recommend my hairstylist Emily Brasel. She works out of Salon 71 in Edina and is available for wedding day hair. Emily and Sarah both travel to your location where you'll be getting ready and are available to service the bride, attendants, mothers, and anyone else.
Emily charges $70 for an up-do.

Emily Brasel
Salon 71

Here is a self-portrait of my made-up face. Apologies for the poor lighting, it doesn't do her work any justice!

Here are some photos out of my wedding portfolio that received the most "ooohs and aaah's:"

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