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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I posted a couple of ads on craigslist and have received some new family bookings! If you're new to my work and blog... WELCOME! I hadn't done that in so long so it's been kind of fun meeting all of the new interested parties. I also received a booking from referrals on Thanks to all of my moms who put in a good word for me.

Something new I'd like to get into (so spread the word):

Hospital Maternity Photography... after witnessing the birth of my niece, I have been honored to be able to capture those moments and would love to do it for someone else. I think that maybe your first reaction would be the weirdness of having a potential stranger in the room while you're giving birth. I totally respect that and would be willing to have you get to know me first. I just think that looking back and not having amazing pictures to cherish would feel far worse that a little bit of initial weirdness. I already know that at the birth of my next child, I have a photographer lined up!

I am also offering discounted packages on maternity sessions beforehand (belly shots), and newborn sessions afterwards (up to 3 months old) in the comfort of your own home.

Things are definitely picking up for the season. I also have a couple of potential weddings in the works so that's always exciting!

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