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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Spritz Cookies

We made spritz cookies today! One of my holiday favorites...

Owen took this picture of me and Aidan. I think he does such a great job! He doesn't just snap it, he takes a second to look through the viewfinder and composes a good shot. I like how it's off-center and he cut the top of my head off. He's already developed his own style!

I caught this picture of him right before heading off to school. I love it!

I received my first client holiday card today! Thanks Nicole! I love seeing how you put my photos to use.

We went ice skating at The Depot for our company holiday party yesterday. It was a lot of fun! I hadn't been skating in years so at first it was like skating for the first time. Not only that, but you're amongst all of your co-workers worried about embarassing yourself. I did pretty well though! Afterwards, four other people in my department stuck around and they had free drinks and hors d'oeuvres. I guess this is the first of three holiday parties we're going to have.

Earlier at work, we had a big town hall meeting and we played Deal or No Deal. It was kind of funny, they had all the big wigs on stage holding little briefcases containing the answers and the host went into the audience to get contestants. They really did it up though with the music and even a shadow figure behind a white curtain. I've never watched the show myself, but I'm assuming they modeled everything to a T. I was designated to take pictures of course, and I forgot my camera at home! I had to use the department's crappy Sony point and shoot which was so hard for me to get used to. It ran on 2 AA batteries and the thing died after like 5 crappy delayed flash pictures. Wendy, a photographer friend of mine at work brought her 20D in (just like mine) and got a picture of me ice skating. I'll have to see if I can get it from her and post it. It'll probably be good for a laugh.

Heidi emailed me today and asked me to assist her for a January 13th wedding. That'll be fun, it will be such a change since I haven't shot a wedding since September 30th. I'm hoping to have my 30D by then and since it's a Bellagala wedding I believe I'm able to keep 5 images so if I can I'll post them.

Coming up: It's my mom's birthday on Saturday so we're taking her out. I scheduled the Greenberg family beforehand. On Sunday, I have the Lorentz and Peterson familes. That will officially end my family sessions for 2006! It will be hard to imagine not shooting on a weekend since I've done it for 12 weeks straight! I haven't had a weekend off since September 16th (and only because I scheduled it off)! That's awesome business-wise! I have 11 days off coming up at the end of this month. I'M SO EXCITED! What will I do with myself?!

Last thing I am saying in this post, I promise! I just finished reading "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. It's a fantastic book, I recommend it to anyone interested in photography. He explains everything in a way that you don't have to have background knowledge to understand it.

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