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Saturday, December 30, 2006

More Weddings!

I've been feeling a bit better. I was able to get out of bed and walk around okay on Thursday night so I ended up overdoing it. I found myself trying to do things and ended up completely wiped. Andy's best friend Ben has been in town from Texas after his dad had a heart attack the day I had surgery. In fact, we think he was just arriving at Fairview Southdale as I was leaving. He's doing okay now, thankfully, and it's been nice visiting with Ben.

Yesterday, I had a bride who was only in town for the week and she really wanted to meet with me regarding her September 1st wedding. The best part of this deal was- her wedding reception is in New Prague! Yes, she found me on the internet but is from the general area. I met up with her at the Fishtale Grill which is a 2 minute drive from my house. She brought along her mother and mother-in-law and I think we all hit it off pretty well. She loved my work and decided to book me so I have my first official local wedding and I'm psyched! I can't even imagine shooting a wedding and having a 2 minute drive home!

Tis' that time of year- I'm getting a lot of wedding inquiries which is awesome as I don't aggressively advertise weddings. I plan on meeting with a few brides over the next couple of weeks so hopefully there will be more good news and dates to add to my calendar.

Another exciting thing, my best friend Jenni is coming into town in just a few weeks. Her parents surprised her with a plane ticket for Christmas. I am throwing a baby shower for my sister on the 14th of January and she'll actually be in town and wants to attend.

I've been enjoying my time off and catching up on a lot of movies! So far I've watched, A Lot Like Love, 13 Going on 30, Scary Movie, Invincible, Stuck on You, When Harry Met Sally, and The Family Stone. Of course I've caught bits and pieces of movies on TV and HBO.

I think I will be ordering my new camera soon so I'm looking forward to that and a new year of shooting!

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