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Friday, November 19, 2010

How long have I been doing this? | This long...

Going through old photos trying to clean out drives... I came across my very first portrait session. This is 3 days after I bought my very first DSLR, a Canon 20D. The lens was a Tamron 18-200mm. The date is August 9, 2005. I met my friend and her kids at Boom Island Park for my first practice shoot. It was a hot day and we shot for about half an hour before it started down pouring.

Owen turned three that May and Aidan was 18 months old. Now they are 8 and 6! I still love these photos and wouldn't have shot them much differently (composition-wise) if I were to do it again today! I didn't edit these and I actually shot the b/w ones converted in camera. Obviously, I didn't know any better. :) I checked my settings on these... now this is a laugh and a half:

Automatic Mode
f/16 and a shutter of 1/800
ISO: 1600 (whooooops!) hahahahaha!

I still remember the sound of those first shutter clicks using a DSLR for the first time. I saw and captured instant results vs. a point and shoot lag which is what I was used to. It was such a high! I don't think I ever came down... although some days during the busy season it actually does feel like a job. :)

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