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Thursday, November 04, 2010

2010 Holiday Cards!

I know all of my clients have been on pins and needles waiting for their photos. I'm still working at them as fast as I can. I have 29 sessions and 2 weddings from October to get through so keep that in mind! Eeek, just saying those numbers makes me want to hyperventilate. :) I'm going to get right back at it but wanted to finally post the new holiday cards designs since I just got them purchased and designed.

There is one more design that I have available, but it is the template that I am using for my family's card so I don't want to post it here and ruin the surprise for everyone before they have a chance to get it in the mail. If you're interested, you can contact me and I will email you the design. It is a 5x5 tri-fold card and will run $95/set of 25.

You may notice the card prices are a bit higher than in years past. Folded cards cost more to print but also have the ability to feature more of your family photos! Just think of the impact they will make in comparison to the traditional glossy photo greeting cards from the chain stores. I broke it down to price per card so if you think in terms of gifting 5x7's of multiple photos, the prices can't be beat! In case you needed help justifying it. :)

I still have 5x7 flat cards available from year's past. Just scroll to the bottom of my blog and search "holiday cards" to see previous posts. Prices run $50/set of 25 w/envelopes.

I will post an ordering form soon.

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