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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Holiday Baking Shoots & Contest!

I just dreamed up this idea and I am so excited! Do you love holiday baking? Well, if you read this blog, you know I do. I especially love baking with my kids and they love it to. I so often wish that I had some awesome magazine-style photos of us to document this special time together. I know that someday my boys won't think it's cool to help bake and I will wish those memories have been documented on film for me to treasure.

So... I would love to offer these sessions from now through the holidays. What's great is, this session is purely for YOU. There is no pressure to send these photos out for a holiday card deadline, these are purely a gift to yourself and your children that you know will be priceless.

The session breaks down like this- I will come to your home during daylight hours and we will spend 2-3 hours in your kitchen baking cookies. No pressure to plan coordinating outfits... think kids in jammies and cute aprons! Think sprinkles, colorful baking utensils, flour on little noses, little hands rolling out dough, and of course shots of your freshly baked creations! In the end, you will receive an album of photos. Of course there will be an option to purchase the digital files for you to keep, but the end product definitely needs to be an album so that those files don't sit on your computer forever! :)

Here's the contest... Since I just thought of this idea and obviously haven't shot it yet to show examples, I will be giving away one free session! Send me a photo of you and your kiddos in your kitchen during daylight hours. Since these are portfolio photos, I am looking for a great kitchen with lots of light (no flash please!) and excited and willing subjects! I will narrow it down to my 3 favorites and will have a voting poll on my facebook fan page. Contestants must live within the Twin Cities metro area or 1 hour from zip code 56071. I hope to do this shoot within the next two weeks. You must be available to shoot on a weekday.

Please title your email "Baking Shoot Contest." List:
-Your name
-names and ages of child(ren)
-city where you live
-photo of you and your kids in your kitchen
email to:

I can't wait to hear from you! I am so excited to shoot these!

This was taken in February of 2007. :( I can't believe how big they've gotten!


tasha herrgott said...

Oh how I love this idea!!! I will definitely have you do this type of a shoot for me someday :) Love this!!

Juli P said...

what a fun idea! I love baking with my kids and do it my crappy kitchen.