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Friday, November 12, 2010

Christina and Ben | St. Paul Wedding

I feel like it's been ages since I've posted a wedding here! If you were new to my blog and scrolled through you probably wouldn't think I even shoot them. I just had to post these and I had some time in between Lightroom imports and exports. :)

I have had the best time working with this couple! You may remember their engagement photos shot back in March. They have such great family and friends and I really felt the connections when I met everyone at the wedding. They truly are a gorgeous couple, inside and out.

Scott Miller Studio was the best getting ready spot I have ever photographed! I am used to church basements or the occasional hotel room. This place had so much character and awesome places to shoot details. You can see what a difference it makes in the photos!

It was sooooooo windy out! Christina's veil blew off and you can see it in Ben's hair.

Christina rocked those Jimmy's!

This is one of my favorite wedding shots of all time. It's just so classic and the wind picked up her veil at the perfect moment.

One final wedding party shot at dusk.
We used every last minute of daylight!
Apparently C&B had taken some dance lessons and surprised everyone with an awesome first dance. I wish this photo had sound because the crowd was going nuts! I loved the energy!
Congratulations Christina and Ben! It has been so great getting to know you!

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