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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oliver | 6 months!

How does 6 months go by so quickly? This little guy is full of wonder and amazement, each day his curiosity grows. He's no longer content just being held, he wants to look around, explore, touch, grasp, and of course everything goes into his mouth!

I fell in love with this monster onesie when I was pregnant. I mentioned that I wanted it for the baby's 6 month shoot and my husband's cousin Joan from Chicago bought it and had it shipped to my house. It was such a sweet thing and an awesome surprise! I remember many late nights, very pregnant and very anxious to meet this baby. I would hold this onesie in my hand, wondering what he looked like and envisioning his 6 month photo shoot wearing it. As soon as he started sitting up (just this past week or so), I couldn't wait to get this on him and get him in front of my camera!

So, this little onesie will always hold a special place in my heart. It is filled with thoughts of excitement, curiosity, and lack of patience because I couldn't wait for him to get here! It feels like those thoughts were just in my head yesterday and here it is, more than 6 months later.

Happy 6 months Oliver! Let's hope these next 6 slow down just a little...

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