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Friday, August 20, 2010

Lindsey and Michael | Wayzata Wedding

Lindsey and Michael had a beautiful intimate wedding at Lindsey's parents' home in Wayzata. We did all of our shooting in the yard and it was refreshing to stay put and not to have to travel to different locations and make bar stops. Not that I mind doing that, it's just nice to change it up every once and awhile! Lindsey lives out of state so we didn't get a chance to meet beforehand but she described her wedding as "more of a backyard BBQ, than a wedding." I loved it!

Their celebration was all about them, their closest friends and family were there to share their day, and everything was so beautiful! Lindsey was definitely a unique bride. Her friend made her wedding dress from a 1950's vintage pattern. She rocked it!

My new favorite idea: Lindsey used a National Geographic "Love" book for her wedding guest book. I had never seen it before but it was filled with beautiful imagery that guests were allowed to sign on. I could have stood there and looked at that book all afternoon! It's definitely going in my Amazon shopping cart...
The first filmstrip is part of the book, but Lindsey and Michael added theirs:

Lindsey and Michael- it was a pleasure working with you and I loved every moment!

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