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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carly and Dan | Engaged!

One of the most common questions for couples booking a wedding is where should we do our engagement shoot? I always recommend that couples pics somewhere meaningful to them and not just a "cool" location. The photos should represent something you like to do, a special hangout, or perhaps where he got down on one knee and popped the question.

For Carly and Dan, we had originally decided on some beautiful gardens and possibly going into downtown for some urban contrasting shots. When trying to figure out logistics, I suggested downtown Excelsior where Dan grew up. There are so many special memories here for Dan, and as a couple. I'm so glad the decision was made because I got to know a little more about them and got to hear stories of their past. It just felt like home.

I am excited for their wedding next year! They have traveled the world together and are relocating to another state until the wedding. It's exciting to hear about considering I've lived in MN my whole life!

a favorite...

It was such a hot day so I thought it would be so cute if they got ice cream cones and sat down on the dock. Too bad it was so hot that they couldn't keep the ice cream from melting!

So romantic...

Congratulations C&D! Can't wait to work with you some more!

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