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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Private Photo Lessons | Learn

I get a lot of moms asking if I ever plan on having a workshop. I'm a horrible public speaker but I can teach one-on-one. I am happy to now offer private photo lessons!

$250 | 2 hour session includes:

• A trip to your home within the Twin Cities Metro. Since this is where you will spend the majority of time shooting, this is where I will teach you.

Equipment. What's the difference between prime vs. zoom? Try out my lenses. Learn what's worth saving up for and why a nice lens makes all the difference.

Camera basics. You'll learn what all those different buttons are and how to use your camera in other modes besides automatic. No more pop-up flash in natural light!

Lighting- the most important concept in photography. Identifying the best lighting in your home. Where to place your subject. The best time of day to shoot.

Working with your subject. During this time we will set up a shoot with your children. Learn how to work with them. No more cheesy smiles

Composition. Center, point and shoot no more!

Mini-shoot! You'll also receive a 10 minute mini-shoot by me of you and your children with your camera. These images will be yours to keep. Instant gratification!

As an alternative or follow-up session, I will also be offering lessons at my studio. For $150 | a 1 hour session will cover any of the above information or advanced lighting techniques such as backlighting, sun flare, and silhouettes. Whatever you feel you need help with, we will cover.

These lessons are geared towards moms or dads wanting to make better use of their DSLR cameras and take better photos of their kids. Hope to see some of you soon!

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