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Monday, June 07, 2010

Monika & Stephen | Minneapolis Wedding

From the moment I met Monika & Stephen, I was excited about their wedding and hoped they booked me. Hearing about the intimate details of their wedding, I got the feeling of them as a couple and couldn't wait to capture it for them. Did I mention that Monika is a photographer herself? It was such an honor to be trusted with her day.

Monika had a small wedding with no wedding party and she allowed so much time for her and Stephen's photos which is so important! Speaking as a former bride, I cannot stress enough that these are the photos you will treasure. These are the photos that you hire an artistic photographer for, not to spend 2 hours shooting posed photos with each and every family member. Of course, those are important too, but when you allow 2 hours for those and only 10 minutes for bride and groom photos you will regret it. It should definitely be the other way around!
They wrote their own vows:

This couch was to die for. It just happened to be sitting out in front of the building!

Monika's honorary "bridesmaids:"

The food was delish! Looking at these photos makes me want to eat it again!

The event took place at The Fallout in Minneapolis.

Thank you so much M&S, I had a blast!

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tasha herrgott said...

They have got to LOVE these - they're beautiful!