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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mommy Sessions | Part Deux

Time to plan more Mommy sessions! The two dates I am looking at are:

July 17th or July 31st

If you plan on signing up, please let me know which date works better by titling your email "Mommy Sessions." I hope to have a half day turnout so please pass it on to a friend, relative, or co-worker that needs some Mommy photos for herself. I will wait to see which date works better for the majority of moms.

Cost again will be $65 for a 10-15 minute session and will include 3 images. Additional images will be available for purchase.

Location will be at my studio in Lonsdale but photos will be taken outdoors (weather permitting). I would love to do some cool outdoor location in the cities somewhere but let's face it, weather is unpredictable and since this is an all day event I need to have access to certain amenities.

Hope to hear from lots of you! Click here to view Mommy Sessions from earlier this month. These are open to all moms, not just mother & daughter!

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