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Friday, June 25, 2010

Adrian | 6 months

I am so in love with this session. Adrian's mom has been a regular of mine since I had my very first studio. The first session we ever shot was when she was pregnant with her daughter. She was one of my fur coat clients, remember those shots? If you've been a long time follower of my work then you know what I'm talking about. Now that you're caught up with the back story, what is so great about being able to work a regular client is they generally just sit back and allow me to do my thing. We're comfortable around each other so there is no anxiety about what to expect and they are not stressed around their kids which allows them to be comfortable and we end up with great shots! Thanks Yauheniya for coming back again and again, it is a pleasure to work with you! And yes, I hope to still be around to shoot Alexandra's senior photos!

First shot out of the camera... love it!

Adrian was so interested in my white rug... he barely looked up, but even looking down he is a cutie pie!
I am not wishing Oliver's life away, but I am SO excited for when he can sit up! 6 month photos are my favorite and I will probably be doing daily sessions with Oliver before he starts crawling away.
Big sister Alexandra:
The suitcase... by request!
I love this!
Just like wedding receptions, kids have details too.

This shot is very dear to me because Aidan is constantly smelling Oliver. I guess kids love that "new baby smell" just as much as adults do!
This of course melts me heart because mother and child shots are so precious to me. I just envision Adrian as a grown man someday looking back at this photo of him and his mom and knowing how special it will be to him. This is truly the way I feel and not just a shameless plug for my Mommy Sessions coming up next month. Sign up NOW!
I am in love with this too. They are not both looking and smiling at the camera but to me, I would take this candid shot of my kids vs. a posed shot any day of the week!
I'd just like to take this moment to use this session as an example to anyone that has a future session booked with me. I wrote briefly about why this went so well and yes, because Yauheniya is a regular she knows what to expect, but even if you have never worked with me before there are some pointers that you can follow to maximize your session:

1. Relax. I can't stress this enough. I know photos are a stressful thing. You're paying a lot of money and you have high expectations. Stressing during the session does absolutely nothing for your photos. Your kids will pick up on it and suddenly they just won't act like themselves which will cause more stress and suddenly your session is a flop. Be prepared to show up, relax, and enjoy yourself and your children. The camera won't lie, if you're relaxed it will show!

2. Have a goal. The goal with Adrian's session was just his 6 month shots. Yes, we got others but they happened naturally which works out best. If your priority is family shots, let's focus on just those and not family, children together, children separate, 2 outfit changes, etc. Yes we could probably cram all of that in, but it will be stressful which leads back to #1.

3. Trust me. I go into each session shooting for you as if I was shooting for myself. You've seen my work and you like it enough to book me, so trust that I will capture your photos as if they were what I would want. That is where my passion lies and why you hired me in the first place... to see you through my eyes. We are on a time clock during the session but trust that I won't wrap the session until I am satisfied that we got some good shots. Remember, this is a business to me and I want you to be happy with your photos so that you'll buy them!

4. Simple, but cute. The biggest stress factor for most clients is clothing. In the past, I have always been an advocate for lots of outfits and lots of accessories. Cute clothing can make a photo but it can also hinder it. This guideline goes hand in hand with #1. If the outfit you put your child in causes you to stress, no matter how cute it is it's not worth it. If the barrette constantly has to be adjusted or something just doesn't fit right, forget it. Go with something cute, colorful, and simple.

5. Be realistic. As a photographer, I have some level of talent but I am not a magician. If your goal is to have a family shot with your active 18 month old twins where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, chances are it's not going to happen. This definitely leads back to #1 (high stress!) and honestly just isn't my style. I don't consider myself in the same category as a mall portrait studio featuring 15 minute sessions a squeaky toy to get little kids to look and smile. Chances are, you're not a fan of them anyway if you're hiring me, so please just allow me to capture your family naturally. Knowing that your 18 month old who never sits still for you more than likely won't sit still for me either. It's just the age and we'll have to capture them differently. A photo of a happy child doesn't mean they have to be posed and looking at the camera.

Well, now that I've rambled on and on, I hope this helped as a guide to a successful photo shoot. Remember, this is natural photography and my goal is to have you looking your best and hoping you fall in love with your photos! I look forward to working with you!


Cullen, Jen and Avery said...

This was a great post Olivia!!! What great pointers. I just had my own family session and had to remember those same things! I was mad at myself after for putting a clip in my daughter's hair that I had to adjust a few times! Great post! :)

tasha herrgott said...

These are beautiful and heartfelt - I love them! And I am really digging the pink cowboy boots!!!