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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Owen is 8!

Owen celebrated his 8th birthday on Sunday. I survived his first party with 8 of his classmates over for a total of 12 kids including his cousins. The boys had a squirt gun fight and we had the perfect hot sunny day for it. I love to have outdoor parties for him since my other two boys have their birthday in February. There really isn't much you can do during February in MN! I just can't believe he's 8! If I had the time and was more organized, I would put together a collage of all of his birthday photos so you could see the changes. But since I'm not, you'll have to settle for his 8 year photo. It's hard at this age to get a decent photo where he's not hamming it up and acting goofy!
The morning of his birthday, there were some special Oliver & Daddy moments going on at the breakfast table that I just had to capture.

I love this and how he is looking up at him:

I just can't believe he's this little baby with personality now and not just a sleepy newborn. It happens so quickly!


tasha herrgott said...

Owen is such a handsome little guy! I love the little smirk on his face! And the photos of Oliver and Andy are so sweet - he's such a good daddy!

Erika McCauley said...

I love these Olivia! I can't believe Oliver is 3 months old already!! Holy cuteness!! :)