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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Kenley | 8 months | On Location

It was so fun to see Kenley again. She is already starting to crawl! It's hard to believe that soon Oliver will start doing such things. We shot at Como Park today amongst a few dozen field trips (barely exaggerating!). I thought these turned out so cute and I wanted to get them up for Kenley's blog stalking mom. :)

This is Kenley's baptism dress- love these!
I love- her arm rolls of course, but also her little hairs blowing in the wind. Very glam!

I love these relaxed family portraits, still capturing the family but no stress about not everyone looking and smiling at the camera.

Kenley loves mommy's bling!
...and something else too!

Oh. my. goodness.

As requested, Kenley's butt shot crawling away. "The End."
Thanks J & J!

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