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Monday, June 07, 2010

Mother & Daughter Sessions

The mother and daughter sessions went well! I had conversations with many of the mothers and there seems to be a consensus that as mothers we are never in any photos with our children! We can only hope our children remember us, but probably not what we looked like at the time. Some moms hate to have their photo taken or put it off in the hopes that they'll lose 10 more pounds or wait until they're dressed better. The reality is, our kids don't care what we look like, they just want to have memories to look back on of their mother.

I am so glad that these moms came out today. Here is a sneak peek of some of the wonderful images we captured. I will for sure do this again later this year so make a promise to yourself that you will sign up! I will be planning another day of sessions toward the end of the summer. It would be a great time to capture the kids before the start of another school year and before they grow to be another year older!

If you would like to order any jewelry from Stella and Dot, my online trunk show will be available for one more week. You can access it here. Thanks!

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Juli P said...

I love the picture of Missy and Noah! so sweet...