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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This was me.

Remember how I said I was going through old photos? I found this picture of myself taken in 1998. I was in college and I got this crazy job as a booth attendant in a downtown office building parking ramp (then The Metropolitan Centre, now Accenture). I got the job sort of randomly, I was looking for a flexible job with night hours and I heard about this parking company from a friend. I applied, was interviewed, and was told that this ramp was the only opening they had. My interview consisted of meeting my manager, him telling me that I had a nice appearance and could speak English so therefore the job was mine if I wanted it!

I am a firm believer in fate and I never knew that working here I would meet my future husband! My husband took over a car detailing shop at the bottom level of the ramp to try out a new business venture. He hated being trapped underground in a dungeon all day so it didn't last long and he sold it back. However, it was just long enough for the two of us to meet and the rest is history! I was 19 when we first met... that just seems crazy to me!

I would have never thought that 10 years later, I would have a business of my own and be doing something that I loved. I hope this serves as inspiration to those of you who feel trapped with what you're doing. It's never too late to be doing something you love and maybe what you're unhappy with now is really just the beginning of a path that you just don't know about yet. :)


On a side note... the studio is done!! I'll post pics soon!

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