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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Oliver is my FAVORITE boys name at the moment! If we ever have another boy, he will be Oliver... I've already decided! We shot Oliver's 18 month session at his cool urban loft in downtown Minneapolis. 18 month olds are usually challenging. I fully expect to do some running and/or chasing, I fully expect a tantrum or two, and I fully expect the parents to be stressed out. Although these may have been the case, you would never know it from the photos! That is the beauty of photography! :) Oliver was such a fun little boy and had so much personality! It was great shooting on location and switching things up a bit. I love shooting lifestyle sessions because the photos capture genuine moments in your own environment.

He pulled his mommy's finger and guided her around the house. :)

Strutting down the sidewalk... large and in charge!
We wanted one family portrait for great grandma but Oliver wanted nothing to do with sitting down for more than 5 seconds at a time. THEN- he sat for about 20 seconds and I managed to snag this:
Oliver was getting tired so dad laid down on the floor to read some books- Oliver copied!
I love these next two outtakes... I thought that if mom and dad laid on the floor Oliver would copy but he had his own agenda!

At last... the perfect family photo! I prefer these so much better to the "formal" ones!
p.s. Every single time I typed "Oliver" in this post, I naturally typed "Olivia" instead and had to backspace and correct it... every single time! :) D&J- it was great working with you, I hope you like the photos!

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