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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24th? How can that be possible? These past few weeks have flown by, mainly because I've been like a robot working on the studio. All of my hard work has paid off and after a few finishing touches, my studio will be completed later this week! Just in time for my all day bunny sessions on Saturday, which are now full (FYI). Of course, there will still be a week or two of decorating and figuring out photo displays but that is the fun stuff that I have been patiently waiting for!

I hate that I haven't had any new photos to post. I was going through old photos for displays and came to the conclusion that life is going by way too fast! Here is a little example of what I mean:

Aidan in 2006/2007... not to mention that it is now 2009!!! I remember both of these photos like they were yesterday.

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