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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Animal Crossing

It's about time I blog about this! Aidan got this video game for his birthday and I'm not ashamed to say I've been having fun playing it! It's actually a great family game, we each have our own character and we all live in the same town. It is played in real time (hour/minute) as well as day/month. So, when it's winter in reality, it's winter in the game! There's no real object, it's basically just like real life, you can make money, buy things, decorate your house, etc. My favorite part is acquiring furniture and designing my house. :) There is a store and the stock changes daily. Since I am usually the last to play, everything is usually sold by the time I get there. You can also buy new clothing, hats, accessories, and take a bus to the city to go to the beauty salon and get your hair done! Can you see why this appeals to me?

The boys each have a character and we can write each other letters and we all help to take care of our town by planting trees, watering flowers, etc. It's a lot of fun and if you're looking for a family friendly video game I recommend it!
My OTHER favorite part of the game is that you can take pictures! I can take screen shots of the game and save it to a memory card in the Wii. Here is my house! All of the appliances, lamps, etc. work. I can lay in bed or sit on my chair.
My newest proud accomplishment- tuna are very rare and hard to catch but I caught one!
A look into my pockets- I went fishing and caught about $25K worth of fish. It's awesome to be able to make so much money and spend it and not have any consequences! :)
Here is a trip to the beauty parlor and my new 'do:
What's also fun is since Wii has a Wi-Fi connection, you can play at the same time as your friends and visit each others towns! My friend Michelle bought it and we were running around her town together. If you think I'm a dork- don't knock it until you've tried it!

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