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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vintage Papers... new!

New for this holiday season! I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am about these! I am so in love with vintage and couldn't be happier to be offering these. The colors and patterns are so beautiful and full of style. Photos always make great gifts for the holidays, but these are such a step up from ordinary prints! Pick up an ornate frame and the look is complete! Please see samples below of the finished product. The frames featured are from Target. These would be great as a series hung on the wall.

3 easy steps to ordering:

1. Choose a paper and border combination.
2. Email me with your file number(s) and paper/border choices. Please title email: "Vintage paper order" Please indicate if you want color or black and white photos.
3. I will upload your finished photos to a gallery where they will be ready to order. Pay by credit card and the prints will ship to your home!

Please note- print sizes measure from edge of paper border not photo size.

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