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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The New President!

Wow, what a great election! It was so inspiring to hear about all of the records being broken regarding voter turnout. I voted at 10:30 this morning and got in and out but I heard that some polling places had lines of up to 3 hours long. I proudly wore my little red sticker all day long!

Things really hit home when I picked Owen up from the bus stop. The kids on the bus all had their windows rolled down and were chanting, "John Mc-Cain, John Mc-Cain, John Mc-Cain!" The neighborhood kids who weren't on the bus chanted back, "Barack O-bama, Barack O-bama, Barack O-bama!" This election has touched all of us and we can't forget the very fact that we are all free to speak our own minds.

Today was my husband's birthday so the evening was partially spent celebrating with his family. We had MSNBC on in the background and were closely paying attention to the numbers. When they finally announced Obama's win at around 10 pm I was shocked and in awe. John McCain gave a great concession speech and I do hope that we can all come together and turn this country around.

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